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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

* Scarecrow, while I loved him, wasn't used to his full potential IMO even though he served the story very well. I'd have wanted to see more nightmarish hallucinations. Also, he deserved a much better final scene.

Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing in BB.

* I would have prevented the casting of Maggie to ever happen. I don't want her in any movie at all because I just hate her! She makes me want to puke with her obvious and annoying wannabe-tough attitude. She comes off as that annoying bookworm girl at school who thinks she's smarter and better than everyone else. I was HAPPY when she died. A miscast of Dunst caliber.

* I'd have Joker be more crazy with the dark humour like Mark Hamill's version.

* I'd have tried to show more of the gothic parts of the city.

* I expected the film to start right where TDK ended. I just didn't like that Batman was active for like 1-2 years and then retired before he returned 8 years later.

* I would have Bane be more his own man, where everything is the result of his own schemes only, not in a partnership.

* I would have wanted a much better plot device than that generic bomb.

* The city looked waaay too much like any other big city. I would have showed the gothic parts much more than what we got. Didn't feel much like a "Batman" world.

* Bruce not letting over the legacy like that. I'd have preferred an ending where he still is Batman for a long time afterwards.

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