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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
Look at it this way, it`s not case closed until we look inside the box and find out the absolute truth. She looks a lot like Jan, but she also looks like other characters.

Schrodinger`s cat is alive and dead at this point.
It very well could be Jan, and as far as I know I`m the only person claiming knowledge that she is...

You`ll have to take that for what it`s worth until you have access to the box, and the people in charge reveal whether or not this particular cat is alive or dead. I`m assuming they won`t reveal her role until it comes out. It seems very significant if they`ve already revealed a lot of the other major characters & pieces that can help us predict how this story will play out.

Right now you only have my word that I`ve caught a glimpse inside the box, but I understand how the internet works.

And that after seeming so likely that the cat might be dead inside that box, the cat might be alive and out of the box.
claiming to have inside knowledge without anything to back that claim up is the complete opposite of understanding how the internet works.
I'll give you the benefit of doubt for now, but I can guarantee you, the minute you are proven wrong all hell will break lose. you'll probably get banned too. we've had this situation before on these boards and it wasn't pretty.
so, ok, Jan is in a Schrödinger state of existance right now, but I'll bet you a gazillion internet money that that cat is dead. Feige won't anger Wright and cast an actress that will become Wrights leading actress in Ant-Man without asking him and I find it very unlikely Wright would be d'accord with the actress that is supposed to play Jan in IM3.

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