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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

We should take into account guys, that is the the biggest and more complex x-men movie TO DATE, so the cast will be big too.

Its like expecting to addapt Lord of the rings with just 8 characters.

The future timeline will need more than just 4 characters, that would be too simple and their powers wont be usefull to make one character to travel back in time. And yes, cameos dont count as characters. We cant expect Bryan and Fox to repeat the same formula than X2, with a storyarc such as Days of future past. This movie is on a whole different level than X1-X2 or FC.

The timeline from the future woulnt feel epic with just Logan and Storm as main characters. We need a team, and a great ballance. Not Logan & Storm and their friends as small cameos. That would be X3 same mistake, and Im sure thats not what fans want.

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