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Default Re: A theory about an alternate TDKR with the Joker

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I think I'm going to keel over with shock. Anno just criticized something about TDKR.
Hah. I have complaints with TDKR, but just not as much as a lot of others, plus I don't share them as much as others as well. To name a few, I wish the final act of TDKR was longer to give us a full view of Talia being a villain rather than her reveal, then her death, as well as Foley shouldn't have even been in TDKR at all, the last which is something I have mentioned many times, lol.

Then you should have had no problem with Crane helping them should you since he was heavily involved with them in Batman Begins.
The fact that he did work with the LoS in the past is the fact that I didn't like Crane being back again, seemingly working for the LoS once more. Plus, it didn't make sense for someone from Arkham Asylum to be out and yet another person that was sent there isn't shown at all(Joker). I understand if Nolan didn't want to mention Joker, but at least don't bring in someone else that is supposed to be locked up in Arkham as well.

No they weren't. They were set free as part of the liberation from the corrupt. As we've discussed time and again Bane's plan never ever hindered on this because he discovered the Dent lie by accident. So claiming they were supposed to take over the city is a falsity. As the army guy said to Bane's man on the bridge, he had not got the man power to stop 30 million people from leaving if they wanted to. It was the army that kept them in thanks to the bomb threat.
Giving the prisoners guns and ammunition seemed like yes, they were going to be the ones policing Gotham City and taking it over as they even worked hand in hand with the League once they were free. With that, yes, I still say it seems like Bane was just letting the prisoners run wild and take the city as their own.

You're either paying Ledger the biggest compliment, or giving Nolan and the rest of TDK's and TDKR's cast the biggest insult.

No question that The Joker is the most memorable character from it, but he is not the ONLY memorable character in it. Take a look at all the awards and accolades TDK got;

177 awards and nominations, and only 38 of them are specific to Ledger. TDK is as acclaimed as it is because it's a great movie. Simple as that
But yet, still everyone talks about Joker during TDK. I'm not saying TDK is an awful movie nor am I giving an insult to anyone else onboard TDK besides Ledger, but only Joker is singled out as the best thing in TDK, especially is these forums. Even to the point of comparing the next film's villain, Bane, to Joker whenever they can. I'm not saying anything bad about TDK at all, you're just taking it as that, lol. But you can't deny that Joker isn't usually the main reference when someone speaks of TDK.

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