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Default Re: A theory about an alternate TDKR with the Joker

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
He has a history of being a pawn in a plan that the League of Shadows never told him about as Crane only believed they were going to hold the city hostage.
And what do you call him handing out sentences in a plan where he doesn't know the city is going to be blown up?

A pawn again.

how would Bane, or even Talia, know that Dr. Crane used to work with Ra's?
The same way they knew he attacked Gotham before, and knew that Bruce Wayne was Batman.

Neither of those occurred since 2 wasn't even mentioned or hinted to even make sense of it all
Given the tiny role he had, did you expect there to be some exposition on how he was there? The city is under control of Bane. Anyone could have been set free by him.

and 1 could lead to questioning about how the gas that Crane inhaled was "resolved".Perhaps Carmine Falcone, over time, could have become better as well?
Bruce and Fox made an antidote to Crane's toxin in Begins. Fox made it after Bruce had been gassed. He took a sample of his blood and synthesized an antidote. Bruce told him to go back to W.E. and mass produce it because the Police were going to need loads of it.

I also believe the inmates would have stayed in Blackgate prison as well, but he DID give the inmates guns when they walked out and they DID end up helping out the LoS throughout those five months wether it was escorting people out of the kangaroo court into the river of ice or targeting cops(as the man who Christopher Judge played had regular criminals that didn't wear the red scarfs with him when they met with Blake). So in the end, the inmates did play a pivotal role in "taking over" the city.
That's not a pivotal role in taking over the city. The city was taken over before Bane even broke them out. What you just described was them carrying out mundane duties during the siege.

The city would still be taken over whether they were there or not. No pivotal role in that was played on their part.

And this is what I am referring to. With Joker being the major talk of TDK, don't you think it would have been the same with TDKR even? Ledger's Joker was simply a fascinating character and villain and would've been the "talk of the town" even as a minor villain in TDKR.
I don't want to under sell the other actors in the movie by saying I think all it would take is a few minutes of screen time from Ledger's Joker to rob all of the other characters of any spotlight.

Of course there would have been buzz for him doing an encore performance. Can't deny that. But to say he would have been the focal point of all the movie's talk even with a small role, that I do not believe.

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
I do not think Joker would have been in TDKR in any major role either way. His job as a character was done. In a film that was destined to seek Bruce's catharsis, he just wouldn't have been a very good fit in a natural way. Sure, it's easy to write a small cameo, but I really do not think they would have wanted to keep him in there for the sake of it.

David Goyer said he thinks if Heath was still alive it would have been a "no brainer" about whether or not Joker would have been in the sequel.

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