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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by I Am The Knight View Post
Interesting how the BATMAN in this BATMAN movie gets downplayed in those. Was it the same for TDK?
There was one pundit (can't remember now who) who actually brought that up and said that maybe it's a tactic to not remind the voters that TDKR is a superhero film.

Originally Posted by Kansiov View Post
Not true. Numerous critic awards, like the NYFCC, LAFCA and NSFC give awards to actors for a body of work for that year– if Hathaway is getting nominated (and most likely she will) it'll be for both TDKR and Les Miserables.
I was only talking about the principal ones (GG, SAG, Oscars, BFCA, BAFTA) and not the critics awards.

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