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Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I agree. Can we be for sure that that thor and malekith fight is at the end of the movie? Even if not, who's to say they won't film scenes after, that take place before that? See what I mean? Maybe Algrim is "dead" at the time of the thor and malekith fight. And Kurse fights thor somewhere else. Maybe they filmed thor fighting kurse already, but that scene will be inserted deeper into the film possibly?
I wouldn't be surprised if the Greenwich scenes occupy different places/times in the movie.....if it follows the Simonson saga, as I strongly suspect it does, Lorelei Jane probably gets abducted at the university by Malekith fairly early in the movie, but the climax might warrant a return to Earth to do some planet-saving foofaraw or other, and the Thor-Malekith throw-down becomes the epic last battle.


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