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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Yeah my bad, I read that as 'Avengers' not IM 2. I thought you were saying she wasn't needed in Avengers.

Still, I would say, while she might not have played a huge role, they were clearly only cameoing her and Hawkeye because they knew they were going to be two main Avengers who weren't getting solo movies prior to Avengers. It was a way of briefly introducing audiences to the characters, no matter how briefly, so that when they showed up in Avengers, there was a context for them.

I'd say Widow was more important than Hawkeye, as she helped bridge the Nick Fury stuff and showed a strong SHIELD presence, which was the main thing that needed establishing in IM 2 since it was one of the things that threaded all the solo movies together, for any non Marvel fans.

IM 2 is a controversial movie but I don't think people realise how important it was as a bridging story to the overall continuity. It's like the episode in the middle of a season that people complain was boring, but in actual fact, it's narrative purpose is largely in the set up. It had it's fingers in many pies and was setting A LOT of things up.. Thor, Cap, Nick Fury/Shield's involvement etc.

I think it should get a lot more credit than it seems to get because I think it definitely smoothed the way for what could have been a rough landing with Cap and Thor.

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