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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel

Some news on the score

Junkie XL working on Man if Steel soundtrack

Tom Holkenborg, best known by his professional name "Junkie XL", spoke with about his new album, but also revealed that in recent years he's been working alongside Hans Zimmer on the musical scores for films such as "Megamind", "Inception", "The Dark Knight Rises", and, yes, "Man of Steel".

"My studio is half software based and half hardware. I've got something like 10 guitars, a bunch of amps, a drum kit, bass guitars, a modular synth and a bunch of outboard synths - and, of course, all the software programs. Just yesterday, I got the Moog Voyager XL in, which is their flagship synthesizer. You just flick through the sounds, and immediately it kicks off so many ideas of what you can do.

"With the soundtrack work that I do, it's different. I've been working with Han Zimmer on a number of films - we're working on Man Of Steel at the moment - and I find that you approach things from the other side. Yes, sound is important in the initial process to write a theme or something, but eventually, once it's done and you have to work on the scene, it's not a part of the creative process."
Full interview:

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