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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

I always wanted Jessica Drew to have the same sort of fan-devotion as Barbara Gordon/Oracle gets, a character you can immediately picture from your childhood's Hanna-Barbera saturated characters but still so contemporary that you can't help yourself but enjoy every bit of her on-screen. Not just the sex-factor, but also a "superhero" coolness about her. It's hard to find an English actress like that (at least with American actresses that sort of familiarisation is immediate on-screen). I don't know if these ladies qualify for that, but why not the obvious ones for the part?

For Jessica Drew:

Emily Blunt (she'd have made an excellent Black Widow but the role belongs to ScarJo now; and she'd be much better utilised as Spider-Woman than as Ms. Marvel. And also, if there's anyone who was born to play a morally-ambiguous and yet sexy spy, it's this girl)

Kate Beckinsale (aside from Underworld establishing her as a capable action heroine who can draw an audience, Kate has proven herself as a capable actress as well. She'd be a bit older for the role, but I don't think that's necessarily a problem. I do fear, however, that she'd have to push herself to be a convincing femme fatale, she always comes off as a sympathetic figure to me.)

and Rosemund Pike (not exactly the first hot Brit who comes to mind, but Pike's always had a curious potential that felt underused in all her performances, she lost the part of Moira to Rose Byrne, who knows maybe all those experiences as a Bond Girl could pay off? I like that she isn't as high-profile as the others.)


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