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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do


1) Make Miranda NYSSA, not Talia. Most of you know why.
2) Make Talia's death less comical, less stoned
3) Just a scene of Blake discovering the cave and looking up, no rising platform
4) Ending it with Bruce's nod
5) Cut out Alfred's foreshadowing of the Café
6) Include Bane's origin
7) Include the full dialogue between Alfred & Bruce @ the manor before he resigns
8) Cut out "Robin" as Blake's real name
9) Include some flashbacks of Joker, I think Heath deserved it, but I understand Nolan a bit...

And I would've still filmed some parts in Chicago. It's not clear enough that we're actually in a different part of the city.

Mind you, I quite like TDKR

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Favorite Nolan TDKR-trilogy scene of the moment: Alfred burning the letter.

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