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Default Re: Man of Steel - worried about Star Trek 2, Iron Man 3, and The Wolverine?

Originally Posted by HighFivingMF View Post
I don't even think it left that bad a taste with anyone besides the internet crowd. Noted that I didn't go out and ask people, but it got good critical reception and whatnot. The few people I have talked to about it though have thought it was underrated or "eh, it was alright but it was kinda boring." But nobody I know hated it. I'm sure if Man of Steel looks cool it'll be smooth sailing, in that department at least.
But with people thinking Superman Returns was boring surely that's a bad taste and could put people off. I know lots if people who hated it. I really hope the next trailer blows people away so they know this isn't Richard Donners Superman or a Superman like they've seen before. I'm also hoping Nolan's name gets people interested they might think his Batman films were awesome this will be too.

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