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Welcome Back Peter Parker
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Default Re: The New Stuff I Got Thread Reboot - Part 2

Here's a review for ya, Biz. ITS AWESOME! Go buy it. The articulation looks pretty good for a Select figure. Its got like, 21 or so POA. The sculpt is great! Looks just like when George Perez drew him. And he's not much bigger than the Legends. He's a head taller than the Mark 5 movie Iron Man, which is awesome. I want him a smidge taller than the heroes. Plus, with him being a robot, size is not an issue. What else? He come with a cool base with a fallen Ant Man and Wasp...and I got him from my LCS for 21.99 which is only a buck more than what you'll pay for a Legend at TRU.

I plan on having my shelves back up next week. *fingers crossed* so I'll have some pics up then and you'll be able to see him. If Spike doesn't beat me to it...which he probably will. ;-) seriously though, he's a great figure and a welcome addition to the Marvel Rogues Gallery. Go get one!

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SpideyJay.....I've said it before and I'll say it again...Nice ass display! They look sweet, man.
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