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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
I don't think that character would go that far as to molest him, I know you're exaggerating a bit, but still. No matter which character it is I think the thought that she's attracted to Tony only crosses her mind because they're close for some other reason. If you're saying it would be out of character for someone to shove him with that sole purpose, then that would be. But we don't know the full context of that scene yet. Jan's been known to be a bit flirty at times I should add. The person in that clip seems like they're attracted to him, yes, but to me she seems pissed off at Stark for another reason. I doubt the person is shoving him only because they wanna get close. Like she's frustrated he has some info or something he's not saying so she's trying to get a result but realizes she's attracted to him. That's pretty much the only reason that in my long ass theory Hank is already missing somewhere for a long time. Adding weight to why she might be attracted to Tony. I dunno the Shield show has some time to cover AIM and Shield's past when they get started, if something Pym did for AIM in the 80's changed things
The SHIELD show probably won't debut until at least fall of 2013, so IM3 will come out long before then. If they're waiting to do backstory on Hank Pym for the TV show, then regular (non-fanboy) audiences won't have that info going into IM3, so....again.....throwing Janet into the mix makes no sense.


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