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Default Re: Man of Steel - worried about Star Trek 2, Iron Man 3, and The Wolverine?

Originally Posted by superhero#1 View Post
I think theses movies should be worried about MOS.

When the MOS trailer hit on the 14th people will realize that.
That is not the way it works.

Including all costs of production, marketing, distribution, merchandise, dvd release, etc - W.B. will spending $350 million+ on this film. 80/250 million stateside is not going to cut it. Frankly, I would bet that careers will end if/when this movie opens under 100 million (which isn't that much money any more). Potter is done. Batman is done. Hobbit is ending. Superman is supposed to be the face for the Justice league universe, which is going to carry Warner Brothers for the next decade. To be blunt, Man of Steel MUST be a hit. Warner Brothers has a lot of potential dollars riding on this films success. It's comical how badly they f'd up the release date debacle considering this; they had forever to pick a summer 2013 date because it was initially planned to be opening A FEW WEEKS FROM RIGHT NOW. Instead they sat on it too long, and suddenly there were no good dates left. Release date is one of the most critical components to a movies success, it's shocking the f'd it up as badly as they did.

"Oh, Hulk, Batman Begins, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Green lantern, The A team, all dissappoint or flop - lets put superman on the same weekend".


If the film is amazing, that will help. But marketing all about buzz & attention. Avengers had the entire month of April to gather buzz, nothing else opened with it, and the week after weak. The Dark Knight Rises was the big July release nobody wanted to touch. Currently, Man of Steel will be fighting for attention with Will Smith, Pixar, and the Frat Pack all at once. These are big problems.Even if Superman is amazing, there is only going to be so much air time to go around. I wish theyd just switch it with Pacific Rim. It'd have a far easier time there.

Beyond the obvious, which is make a great movie, what W.B. needs to do to maximize gross & exposure are:
-Trailer with Hobbit, and has to be epic. They cant hold back.
-Super bowl spot - again, needs to be epic.
-Trailer with Olympus Has Fallen, needs to be epic
-Trailer with Iron Man 3, again, needs to be epic

Then, this biggest thing: word needs to leak that the film is GOOD early. like months in advance. Skyfall, for example, benefited tremendously from word leaking of its quality well in advance. Having 3-4 weeks of people saying "it's supposed to be excellent" was how it opened to 90 million despite the horrible word of mouth of the previous one, which also opened much lower. So, mid May- ish, word needs to get out that the new superman movie ROCKS.

It needs to be all over the internet weeks in advance. This type of precedent will make every tv spot that airs between then and the release 100x as effective. Not only will it be "that looks good", it will be "that looks good AND is supposed to be good".

If W.B. want to dominate the airwaves and capture maximum buzz, they need to let it slip that film rocks early and often.

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