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Default Character Battles DOFP

I don't know if this has been done on here before but I'll pit two xmen characters against each other and you guys vote to see who would win in the fight. After a while the character with the most votes will win. Please feel free to give reasons why you think each character will win each fight.

Once the winner is chosen I'll flex my writing muscles and write a short fan-fic fight scene based on who wins. The winner moves onto the next round and the loser is eliminated. Battles are chosen at random.

Please vote based on the strength they have shown in the movieverse not the comics universe.

these are the characters in the battle rounds

1) Prof X (Stewart)
2) Prof X (Mcavoy) Eliminated!
3) Magneto (Mckellen)
4) Magneto (Fassbender)
5) Mystique (Romijn)
6) Mystique (Lawrence) Eliminated!
7) Banshee (Landry-Jones)
8) Beast (Hoult) Eliminated!
9) Beast (Grammer) Eliminated!
10) Havok (Till) Eliminated!
11) Emma Frost (Jones)
12) Azazel (Flemyng) Eliminated!
13) Riptide (Gonzalez) Eliminated!
14) Wolverine (Jackman)
15) Sabretooth (Schreiber) Eliminated!
16) Storm (Berry)
17) Phoenix (Janssen)
18) Cyclops (Marsden) Eliminated!
19) Nightcrawler (Cumming)
20) Iceman (Ashmore)
21) Rogue (Paquin) Eliminated!
22) Angel Salvadore (Kravitz)
23) Colossus (Cudmore)
24) Shadowcat (Paige) Eliminated!
25) Angel (Foster) Eliminated!
26) Gambit (Kitsch) Eliminated!

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