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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

NAME OF 1ST FILM: I would be happy with The Batman or Batman: something

SERIES DURATION: I wouldn't even give it a set sort number of films, just take one film at a time. But six would be a good number if there's a limit.

BAT-SUIT: [B]With the New 52 and Earth One I could actually believe the Grey and black cowl look working, but it depends on the colour of the grey. I would say it should look like body armour like TDK but not so obvious.

ROBIN PARTICIPATION: [B] the thing with the BB and Nolan films was that they tried to prove that Batman could be fleshed out character and that a film could be held alone by Batman, if there was any doubt. I think with the reboot they should expand on that and do the same for Robin. Batgirl? I wouldn't mind but they first need to do Robin correctly first.

JOKER PARTCIPATION: I agree wait a while but at the same time there could be a cameo in the film like him in Arkham or something.

GOTHAM CITY: I wouldn't mind a Gotham like BB Gotham were there was different sides to it, it was kind of mixture between comic books and real world cities.

ORIGIN STORY: Let's leave the origin story but I wouldn't mind it being about year two were we have a Batman who's not quite hardened but has still been fighting for a while.

BATMOBILE: I'd like a mixture between the Tumbler and burton were its sleak but almost tank-like in design.

1st MOVIE VILLAINS: I wouldn't mind Hush and have a mixture of the Hush storyline and Bruce Wayne: Murderer. Maybe even have Mad Hatter and Riddler as side villains.

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