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Default Re: A theory about an alternate TDKR with the Joker

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Didn't know I said anything about Crane not being a pawn again, but I say that it didn't work for me seeing as how Crane was used once by the LoS. Simply put, Crane didn't need to return at all. It was a nice cameo(I recall laughing a bit when I saw Cillian Murphy on the screen even when I knew he was going to be in TDKR) as much as it was in TDK, but it would've been totally fine if Crane wasn't used in the threequel.
So basically your only problem with it is you didn't think it was necessary. I agree. But given the context of Crane's relationship with the LOS in the past, there was nothing logically wrong with him doing it or being there.

The movie wouldn't have suffered one tiny bit if his cameo wasn't in it.

By past members of the League during Ra's' run?

I think it would've been best for a little explanation of how Crane got out of Arkham Asylum.
Nolan often gets accused over expository dialogue when it's unnecessary. This is one time where he didn't use it when it was unnecessary. Bane was in control of the city. You saw him bust out 1000 Blackgate inmates. Did you really need to be told how he got Crane out of Arkham?

And you presume the antidote was used on Arkham's inmates as well?
Of course. Do you think Batman would just let them run around in a drug induced frenzy?

Then explain how Carmine Falcone is still in the asylum during the events in TDK. Falcone should've been in a prison cell after being cured.
Harvey's line was "With Carmine Falcone in Arkham someone must have stepped up to run the so called family".

Nothing to suggest Maroni didn't step the next day, next week, or what ever after Falcone was put in Arkham and his empire left to crumble.

Policing the city with the LoS members isn't a pivotal role in taking over a city and keeping martial law to continue?
No, it's not. The city was already taken over. Bane's power came from the fact that he had the bomb. As long as he had that he was untouchable. Everyone except Gordon and Batman bought his fib that he gave the trigger to an ordinary citizen. Though technically he did since Tate was considered that.

To reiterate again, Bane's plan was never reliant on any man power from the Blackgate inmates.

It's much speculative to suggest, though. Joker, even with 40 minutes, is the main talk of TDK and even a cameo could be the same thing.
How can you compare the leading villain role to a cameo?

And let alone, the cameo of Joker would even come to the table when people compare Joker to Bane, which the cameo would probably only help Joker more.
A villain comparison was going to happen no matter what. The sequel villains always get compared to their predecessors. Just like the movies do.

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