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Default Re: A theory about an alternate TDKR with the Joker

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
No, it just took several posts for you to say it was a personal preference, and not something that was contradictory or written badly.
Even though I never said it was written badly? Lol.

And while it doesn't contradict anything, it is simply a bit of a pull back reaction to see Crane being the only Arkham inmate out of Arkham.

Since the LOS was under new management, not to mention actually running the whole city, I'd say the circumstances to BB are rather different wouldn't you?
Not at all. Is Crane still being some pawn without knowing the true intention of the LoS as was the case in BB?

Then I am very miffed why you needed to know how Bane could have broken out a former employee of the LOS when he was in control of the whole city. You are perfectly willing to conjure up unsupported wild theories about Batman being active in the 8 year gap, but you need to know how a terrorist with an army and a city under his control just released one inmate from Arkham.

Hey, not everyone can have the same exact opinions as you do. I know it's hard to understand, but I do find it more settling that Batman could have been still in action until the Dent Act was created as opposed to Bane and his men deciding to release one inmate from Arkham who was only a pawn to the League's plan when Ra's was alive. And to release said Arkham inmate to only perform as a judge in a kangaroo court when anyone could've been in that role, as even a member of the LoS.

Who said he was still in there in TDK?
Dent said while he's in Arkham Asylum, someone(Maroni) took control of the mob. It would be most logical to suggest Falcone is still in Arkham Asylum, otherwise it would've been mentioned while in court that Falcone is now in prison.

You're going to have to remind me who said he was still in Arkham. Dent said with Falcone in Arkham someone must have stepped up to run the family. What makes you think he didn't mean when Falcone was in Arkham in BB or shortly after that's when Maroni took over?
It would also make sense to say Falcone is in prison now, though. Or he could have simply said while Falcone was away in prison rather than Arkham if Falcone is given the antidote and was sent to prison. Would it be necessary to mention Falcone's stay in Arkham, given the time table for him to be cured would have been perhaps a week's time after BB's events?

Yeah, not denying they were working with the LOS. But your claim that they were pivotal in taking over Gotham is 100% false for the reasons already mentioned.
They became pivotal in helping the League. That is 100% fact that they became a valuable part in helping out the League's plans. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been helping the League at all.

Anno, are you familiar with superhero fans and how they react to movies? Should I go and dig up numerous threads from the Spidey forums where the villains in Raimi's trilogy are compared?

Fans always compare villains, just like they compare movies. You act as though this is a first for fans comparing Bane and the Joker.
I act as that? Just by saying Joker is already being compared with Bane? By saying 'already', I think you could understand that I am aware already they're being compared. Maybe I should have used bold...

Because to most people he is the best. Naturally the most popular villain will be the most talked about.
Such as he would be even in a little cameo moreso then the main villain. It's silly to not say this won't happen.

Because he's not the main role. Willem Dafoe's Norman is certain more popular than Sandman and Venom in SM-3, yet do you hear people constantly talk about his mirror cameo more than the other characters?

You are really over dramatizing the nature of a cameo.
Seems as though you're giving Joker less credit just because it would have been a cameo. You are aware of how fans are, right?

Plus, you're speaking on a film that has zero praise for any of the villains, or zero praise for pretty much anything. You sure that's a good example?

Yes, I'm telling you that. You know I like Begins more than TDKR. How much do you hear me talk about Neeson's cameo? Or Crane's?
I'm saying if Joker was in TDKR. You would have kept talking about his cameo even with a film you didn't like.

Despite past history with other movies giving cameos to more popular characters not being the case.
Such as...?

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