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Default Re: Man of Steel - worried about Star Trek 2, Iron Man 3, and The Wolverine?

Originally Posted by Excel View Post
I'd be interested to hear Showtime or Jamies thoughts on the film potentially moving to November. We've had so little marketing that they already seem behind, it seems borderline suicidal to keep it in mid June.
I really doubt they'll move it again, at least not far anyway. That'd send a clear vote of no confidence in it from the studio.
Anyway, November puts it in competition with Thor:TDW & Hunger Games 2. Less crowded sure, but still hefty competition.

Originally Posted by superhero#1 View Post
I think theses movies should be worried about MOS.
No, not really. Supes doesn't have the good will these other films have right now.

Monsters Inc was really big 11 years ago ($525m WW), it's one of the reasons for Pixars reputation & it's getting a 3D re-release in a few weeks.

Smiths past 3 blockbuster films:
I Am Legend (2007) - $585m WW
Hancock (2008) - $624m WW
MIB3 - $624m WW

Another Smith Sci-fi/adventure can pull similar numbers (Which are Iron Man & IM2 level numbers, BTW).

Those are the 2 to beat & they're either side of MoS. Throw in a couple of popular comedy teams in (Ferrell/Vaughn/Wilson & Rogen/Hill) & a Pitt blockbuster - that's very tight competition.

Originally Posted by superhero#1 View Post
WRITER: David S. Goyer
My biggest worry. Easily the weakest link in the MoS chain & it's a very crucial link indeed.

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