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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

~A Knife in the Dark~

My right hand and its claws dig into Victors shoulder, tasting blood for the first time in years. My brother yells in pain and sinks his razor like nails into my side, while one of his human slaves fires his weapon our way. The bullet grazes my shoulder, and I swing my free arm around, slashing his firearm in half, rendering it inoperable.

Victor raises his hand for another strike, and I use my berserker rage and strength to toss him off me and into some of his men.

Those behind me open fire, the bullets ripping through my back and striking the adamantium on my bones. The pain is intense and excruciating, but it fuels my anger even more.

I spring off the ground and into two of them, driving my claws through their chests. A third's throat is sliced open cleanly by the incredibly sharp metal. While it's pitiable that these humans had to die this way, it is better than living as a mindless slave for the rest of their lives.

Creed then jumps on my back and digs his claws into my chest, ripping away flesh with each strike. I grab the mane of hair that flows from his head and yank hard, throwing him through a window of the building we’ve been fighting in.

Where the hell are you, elf?” I mumble to myself, pondering where Kurt has gotten to.



Kurt and Wraith tumble from the sky down through the opening to the village below, trading punches and kicks as they do. Passing the rim of the crater, Wraith teleports the pair again, this time closer to the ground, and they crash through the roof of one of the settlement’s homes. Its inhabitants rush out into the atrium, and the two mutants continue the fight.

Wraith grabs a throwing knife from his belt and tosses it at Kurt, who spins and grabs it with his tail, before teleporting behind the opponent and driving it into his leg.

The other teleported yells out in pain and grabs at the wound, seething at the demon-like mutant, “You’re a fool. And you will be killed when the first one arrives. I’ll make sure our god hunts you down.

Zhere is only one god,” Kurt responds, hissing in the man’s ear. “Be thankful I am not sending you to see him.



The rest of the guards are dead, leaving Victor and me in the house, both of us bloodied and beaten from each other’s blows.

So what will you do when you get out of here, Logan?” he laughs. “Become the girls nursemaid?

You say it like taking care of someone is a sign of weakness, Victor,” I smile at him. “Yet I seem to be the one winning this fight.

He lets out a growl and comes at me again, and the two of us begin to tear into each other yet again. Clawing, stabbing, scratching, and biting, the two of us are animals ready to fight to the last.

I hear the tell tale sign of Kurt's teleportations, and I look up to see him standing next to the Pryde girl. I call to him, "Get her out of here!"

"Vhat about you!?"

"Come back for me!"

He does, and once the girl is gone, Victor lets out another howl, "You've always been such a sanctimonious bastard, Logan. And now you've gone and crossed the wrong people. This is real, brother. This power is coming. And you had the chance to side with the winning team."

"Victor," I respond as Kurt reappears behind me, "I've been told that so many times. And yet I'm still here. And I'm still the best there is at what I do."

And in the next instant, I'm sitting in the car, Kurt and Kitty in the back seat, the girl seems to be cried out as she looks up at me, "Thank you."

The voice is empty. No emotion left. She knows her life has been ruined by these people. She doesn't think there's anything left for her.

I need to make sure that isn't going to happen, "Kitty, I know this seems like the end. That nothing good will ever happen again. But I promise you that isn't going to happen. I'm going to look out for you. And I'm going to make sure everything turns out right."

"Thanks," she responds, trying to force a smile.

I begin to drive, and she falls asleep, curled up on the old leather seats of the car. From next to her, Kurt asks, "So vhere are ve going to go? Ve do not have a home."

Taking a slip of paper out of my pocket and unfolding it, revealing the address of Charles Xavier's estate, "I think it's time to take the Professor up on his offer."

The car exits the desert and pulls onto a highway, and we begin to make our way towards Westchester, New York.

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