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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

I actually don't think cameos like the Hawkeye one are distracting at all. It's like Branagh said, they were always gonna have a sniper in the nest to increase tension-- why not Hawkeye? It contributes about as much as the big guy Thor fights during the scene; just adding another obstacle. But nobody complained about him.

But if Marvel came out and said it was gonna be Luke Cage in the scene, people would've been rolling their eyes and calling it forced. The only people who complained about Hawkeye were the ones who knew about his upcoming presence and role in the Avengers movie. Anyone else I knew who saw it literally thought nothing of it. They didn't think it was "pointless" or "forced" or "out-of-place". The only question I ever got about the scene was why did the sniper guy grab a bow instead of a gun.

Despite all the extra material BW was given to do in IM2, I would give far more credence to her character being called forced than Hawkeye's logical role in a pivotal scene. She was fine in context, but still could've been stripped out and the movie wouldn't be substantially different. The same can be said for Hawkeye I suppose, but he didn't take up unnecessary time-- he contributed rather than subtracted from the story, even if it was in a relatively minor way.

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