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Default Re: Any word on if this is going to resolve continuity issues from First Class?

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
People are trying to make things way way way more compicated than It needs to be.The Idea that Bryan Singer Is directing and X-Men and X2 not part of official film timeline Is crazy.The future with Sentinles will be post trilogy or post X-Men/X2.
But the whole idea of DoFP is to make sure that this timeline with Sentinels and camps does not actually happen. So if X1-X3 are a part of that timeline, where does that leave them post-DoFP and what is then the "official" timeline? The idea that Singer would not want to exclude X1-X2 from this movie, but that he would be totally fine to put aside his own films after DoFP to make way for a new timeline, and leave "his" timeline in a dead end in a dystopian future, is kinda strange to me.

I think that bringing in X1-X3 into this movie -and- keeping them as a part of current timeline would work if you set the crucial event shortly after X3. That way, after the dystopian future is averted, the post-X3 timeline can just go as per normal. But by setting the event back in the 60s, I don't see it working the same way.

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