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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

Originally Posted by DarKush View Post
Recently finished Volume 2. I liked it a lot. Shane Davis's art is just great. I liked JMS and Davis's version of the Parasite. I also thought Clark's sexy neighbor was a nice addition to this universe. And it was good seeing Lois with someone too. I like the idea that Clark isn't moonstruck by Lois yet.

Didn't care for the Lex Squared stuff. It's interesting that they gave Lex a wife, but did they have to name her Alexandra?

About the only thing I didn't care for was the timely intervention of Parasite's sister and how all that was handled. Overall thought, I thought Parasite was a much better villain than the guy from the first volume.

I wouldn't mind seeing a variation of this Parasite in a movie.
I wasn't expecting the twist with the neighbour were you?

I would love to see the two volumes made into a animated films.

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