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Default Re: Any word on if this is going to resolve continuity issues from First Class?

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Jesus.Some of you want everything to perfectly flow together.Most TV shows and franchises make liberties with what was said In dialogue about past.

Star Trek franchises was consently reconning the Borg.George Lucas In Star Wars prequels didn't totally stick to what he wrote about the past.

The Idea that X-Men has to be totally Inline with each other but other franchises and TV shows don't Is getting trying.

X-men first Class had many connections to X-Men and X2.The idea It's different timeline If It's doesn't stay 100 percent to what was said about past Is crazy.

People are trying to make things way way way more compicated than It needs to be.The Idea that Bryan Singer Is directing and X-Men and X2 not part of official film timeline
Is crazy
.The future with Sentinles will be post trilogy or post X-Men/X2.
And your obsession with X1, X2 being in, and every other film being erased from existence indicates you wont accept the possibility that all of those films maybe part of different time line.

When you travel back to the past inorder to prevent a future event from happening you alter events subsequent to that event. In fact some events may not happen at all, lets see...the Sentinels going into operation because they are destroyed? Perhaps Xavier didn't meet Magneto when he was 17, in that timeline (First Class). Unlike you I can't say for certain what will happen in this film, so I can only speculate.

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