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Default Re: Man of Steel - worried about Star Trek 2, Iron Man 3, and The Wolverine?

Lots of really biased views here. Many of these films are sequels with built-in audiences they've earned already, and are proven successes. Iron Man especially. Iron Man 3 is coming hot off the Avengers hype.

Man of Steel really needs to build an audience first. WB is hoping to tap the TDK audience with how they've handled this film. That is Man of Steel's best and only hope.

The name 'Zack Snyder' won't sell this thing, he's coming off three box office failures.

Nolan sold Inception and made that a hit, but then again that had Dicaprio as the lead and Nolan himself directing it.

Objectively, Man of Steel is iffy. For a film with a budget likely over 200mil, it has a large climb to make in the box office.

Superman Returns made 400 Mil Worldwide with the same budget as Man of Steel, and was still considered a financial underperformer by WB. Enough by them to warrant no further sequels and shut the franchise down.

And yes, despite my interest in the film and being a Superman first. Objectively, I have to admit that Star Trek Into Darkness has a bigger chance of success and being a better film. Abrams is incredible, and it's coming off some really strong buzz from the first film. It's basically Star Trek's 'TDK.'

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