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Default Re: Let's Watch Spider-Man 3 Again and Find Positive Things To Say About It

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
I love the scene when Peter and MJ are lying in the webbing in Central Park.
Now there's a good one.

There's also the fight between Harry and the costume-less Peter. I thought it was so cool to see Peter wearing civilian in a fight that required all of his spider powers (never mind the fact that when they identify the plaques on his moped, and based on the accounts of witnesses, they'll find out he's Spider-Man).

The Sandman effects I find hard to appreciate as positives because of how out of place he is in the movie (seriously, if there's a villain too many in this film, it's not Venom, it's Sandman) but they definitely are positives.

Lastly, the Spider-Man parade or whatever it was was also fun, and it made for a great trailer shot. And... that's it.

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