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Default Re: Discussion: Conspiracies and Cover Ups

Originally Posted by Schlosser85 View Post
I think Scientology was started because L. Ron Hubbard was an untalented hack with no imagination who couldn't write a sci-fi novel to save his life so he adapted his bad sci-fi novel into a religion to make millions that way (he made no secret of his motives being $$$), and for some reason some idiots took it seriously.

I think the hierarchy is aimed at bilking people out of their money, the same as televangelists, 700 Club, Pat Robertson, etc. It's purely about $$$ to them, IMO, and IMO they're an organized con ring the same as Robertson's 700 Club and televangelism in general.

Why people like Tom Cruise devote themselves to it, I have no idea.
Well there's a lot of rumors about L. Ron Hubbard being a sex trafficker

See Kinsey's research wasn't, um, scientifically sound. He was gay, or polyamory himself and was in corespondent with a pedophile violently molesting his daughter. Some claim he partook although its hard to find real evidence of that. What he did do was write him back very cooly, as you do to a dangerous pedophile, and not notify the police. Kind of Joey-Pa-ish. Also he interviews a lot of prostitutes and sexual offenders so he hardly chose "average Americans".

He really pushed his legislation and caused a rolling back of many good sex laws. Reducing rape sentences, reducing incest laws, reducing age of consent, reduced prison time for pedophiles because he said "they were not likely to repeat".

Shame all that anecdotal research was false.

The CDC tracks human sexual behavior to study STD rates. Secondly it's actually revealed (a mathematical certainty) that men and women engage in heterosexual sex at a fairy conservative rate, which far less sex partners than reported. Most people lie to sound interesting.

So as a result its much harder to prosecute pedophiles now.

Moreover most victims just never come forward because of the laws lax treatment.

It would explain a lot too...

Bohemian Grove being "faggy".

Large scale Catholic Church pedophile scandal.

Proven Nazi pedophile scandal.

Large scale sex trafficking in Thailand.

All the allegations in Hollywood, and arrests.

The fact that most civilations in history that were Imperial in nature fell prey to pedophilia, usually prompted there decline.

The film that was removed from air that linked HW Bush to a pedophilia ring.

I mean don't get me wrong. I think some of it goes too far with mind control, Illumantis. But could power be co-opted by pederasti. Well it has happened before. Like a lot.

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