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Default Re: Ant-Man Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
He's a great dramatic actor too. If anyone saw him in Law and Order Criminal Intent, he gave a very moving portrayal of a serial killer who craved love and affection and made you really sorry for him. He was a world away from Barney Stinson.
I saw it, he was amazing, I shed a manly tear.

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
He might be a little too svelte for Pym but I suppose he could bulk up. He certainly could play the intelligent scientist easily, and someone with a nervous breakdown. The thing is that he's almost a little too charismatic for Pym and would probably be to Ant-Man what RDJ was to Iron Man. elevating him far beyond his source material in this case.
And I think that's exacly what the chracter of Pym needs.

Also, I really, really, REALLY hope that Feige and Whedon got involved enough to change Wright's mind and make it all about the Pyms; Whedon has said before that he really wants to do Wasp, so that could help; I never cared about Pym in the comics (and I hate ultimate-superdouchebag-Pym); but EMH made me fall in love with that version of Pym, and I couldn't care less about Scott Lang.

Just me, of course.


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