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Default Re: Guardians of the Galaxy: General Discussion & Speculation Thread

Why would anyone want Marsden to continue as Cyclops in future X films? He did absolutely nothing with the role (the writers didnt help him of course). And since he wore the visor the whole time, recasting would have minimal impact continuity-wise.

Cyke is supposed to be a field general. A hard-nosed, sometimes ruthless, leader. That aint Marsden. Recast ASAP. (My fear is that Singer, who's sentimental streak doomed SR, will cast Marsden again in order to "fix" what they did to his character in XM3. Hope this isnt the case)

If they're going with a more lighthearted Star-Lord, I suppose he could manage it. But Im hoping for a more hard-boiled take on the character.

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