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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Bruce becoming a recluse in the Batcave. Not upstairs in the mansion, doing nothing but wasting away. It so far removed from the character.
Have him be an "oracle" type. Obsessing over his past as Batman. Waiting for a time he is needed to come out of retirement.

Do away with the terribly lazy plot point of John Blake simply guessing who Batman is by seeing him one day in the orphanage and seeing he is wearing a metaphorical mask to hide the pain. I mean....really? How lazy is that.

We are told to accept that some kid guesses who he is due to what I said above, when there was a taskforce of trained detectives who have tried for years to discover who Batman is.

So with that change. John Blake can still be really interested in Batman. Still develop a kinship with Bruce/Bats. and still be given coordinates to the batcave. where he finally finds out that Bruce was Batman!
That wouldve been so much better.

Everything else I can be satisfied with staying the same.

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