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Default In the books, "the future" was 2013!

I was just re-reading my old copy of Days of Future Past and it's amazing how well it holds up and is still a great read. A book made in 1981 that hits home today!

I didn't remember that "the future" takes place in 2013. Damn, I'm old.

It says:
"In North America in the year 2013 there are three classes of people: 'H' for baseline human - clean of mutant genes. Allowed to breed.

'A' for anomalous human - a normal person possessing mutant genetic potential.

'M' for mutant - The bottom of the heap, made pariahs and outcasts by the Mutant Control Act of 1988. Hunted down and, with a few rare exceptions, killed without mercy. In the quarter-century since the Act's passage, millions have died. They were the lucky ones."
That kind of freaks me out being we're knocking on the door of 2013.

Besides the dates, I pray they stick to the books as much as possible. I wonder what will be the event that they have to stop will be in the film?

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