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Originally Posted by lancimouspitt View Post
I like this thread. Had to go with First Class Magneto. He's vicious and raw. First class Mags I don't think would have even hesitated to rip the adamantium straight from Wolverine's body. Cyke has a chance,albeit very slim since we see so little of him put to good use. His blast no doubt could put Magneto out but I don't see him even getting the chance to try it.

Final verdict: Cyclops begins the bout with two well timed blast. Magneto is able to create two durable metal shields quickly from surronding debris. He's knocked back,but isn't put down.
Cyclops shoots like crazy,Magneto magnatizes a metal piece from Cykes visors and they come off. Scott quickly closes his eyes,not wishing to harm any innocent bystandards. Magneto bends to surronding pipes or something to his will which latch Scott by the ankles and propel him into the air. In one final act of desperation Cyke opens his eyes for one final blast,but being the quick thinker,Eric quickly launches Scotts visors back on his face turning the power way down,and then proceeds to knock him against a surronding building. Knocking him unconscious.

Eric ends the bout as if talking to an unseen Professor X: "All these years Charles and still not even the best of your children can pull the trigger when push comes to shove."
I really like this post!

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