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Default Re: Official (adjectiveless) X-MEN Discussion Thread

That Adam Kubert cover for #41 is BOSS...though it has left off quite a few members...Havok, Warpath/Proudstar, Polaris, Maggot, Marrow, Cecilia Reyes, Thunderbird, Sunfire, Madison Jeffries/Box, Dr. Nemesis, Cannonball, Cable, X-Man, Armor, Pixie, Omega Sentinel, Thunderbird III, Lifeguard, Rachel Summers-Grey, Hepzibah, Sage

...not to mention villain members: Mystique, Sabretooth, Joseph, Juggernaut, Lady Mastermind

what about Mimic? Does he count? Northstar? Domino? Warbird? Fantomex? Stacy X? Nocturne? Do the forgotten X-men count? (Vulcan, Darwin, Sway and Petra?)

..oh..and Legion


White-washing the X-Men one minority at a time


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