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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

I like that Styker already had a mutant database and a Project Wideawake file on his computer in X2. Who knew they would revisit this route a decade later. Bolivar Trask should definitely be involved, played by Bill Duke for continuity.

I think everything that has happened in the OT should be a big enough reasons (Magneto's assualt on Liberty Island, Magneto's escape from prison, Nightcrawler's assassination attempt, Dark Cerebro, Magneto's assault on Alcatraz and Phoenix's destruction) for the government to initiate Project Wideawake. This obviously has been in planning by the military pre X2. It's believable since the cure was already developed by the time X3 started. I don't think a political assassination has to be the trigger.

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