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Default Re: Let's Watch Spider-Man 3 Again and Find Positive Things To Say About It

Originally Posted by Nemeres View Post
The Sandman effects I find hard to appreciate as positives because of how out of place he is in the movie (seriously, if there's a villain too many in this film, it's not Venom, it's Sandman) but they definitely are positives.

Lastly, the Spider-Man parade or whatever it was was also fun, and it made for a great trailer shot. And... that's it.
Although Sandman was kind of pointless in the film, I find the effects to be amazing. He looked perfect IMO (except during the final battle).
Originally Posted by NewYorkSpider View Post
Sandman's birth scene was epic. Venom's was good, but I thought it could have been better.
I loved both birth scenes. Sandman was very emotional, Venom was just dark but also fun!

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
Yup, this! I still think the final battle in SM is one of the best in the entire trilogy. It felt so personal. It wasn't flashy at all but instead very much like a brutal street fight.
A lot of people complained it was too simple, but it gets my heart racing every time. Its probably my second or third favorite battle in all four films.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I would say the train battle between Doc Ock and Spider-Man is my favorite, but my second best would definitely be the final battle between Green Goblin and Spidey. And obviously can't say I have a favorite battle in Spider-Man 3, lol.
The train battle is probably not only my favorite battle in the Spider-Man movies, but my favorite CBM action scene of all time. Its so creative, and feels so real.

Spider-Man 3 was a horrible film, but why can't you say you have a favorite battle from that movie? The fight scenes were really cool in my opinion.

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