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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 1

Originally Posted by DoomsdayApex View Post
Not really. There's a reason why Superman is losing his popularity with the modern audience. It's the identical reason why Returns received a 'meh' reaction.

He's a product of a different era, and hasn't changed with the times like Batman and Spiderman have recently. For alot of people out there, the perception is Kal-El is stuck in the 80s.

Upgrades are essential if you want the audience to respond.
I think you are quite wrong, but your opinion is also the opinion of a lot of people and those people, ready to pay for a "realistic" Superman, are a part of the audience anyway.
Since you were replying to something costume-related, and since this is the costume thread, I find it caricatural to make it a point of Superman losing his popularity related to a need of an upgrade, meaning a new suit. Wow. It seems a lot of people inneed for a realistic Superman can't in fact go further than the suit. Personnaly, the trunks are great, but even if, under a weird condition, I would have to take it away, I would replace it with something red in the middle of the suit. So for me the MoS suit is pretty lame and ridiculous, but it does not mean one MUST have the trunks, it's just that there are 100 000 better idea. Let's not mix things up (not saying that you did on this precise point).
So, the lost of popularity is not due to his suit but due to the character itself, hisway of life, his opinion, his invincibility (how many times did I hear suckers asking me "what's the fun? He can beat them all, he's invincible". Most of the time people who did not open a comicbook, and even less a Superman comic. Those same who actually loved Nolan's batman trilogy).
So is it so difficult to understand that Superman is more than just a suit? Is it impossible to "suspend ones disbelief" andjust accept that on Krypton people wear the "underwear on the outside"?
Honestly: no it's not. It's easy. The problem is not in the character but in the people. Superman is out of place, like you stated, and right now what works is demystified heroes, I-explained-everything-heroes. Bourne, Bond, batman, New Spidey, etc... Simple pattern to follow. They do it with Superman. So they are going to explain why a guy from Krypton would feel the need to wear tights!!! forbattle while taking the trunks out because it'sa bit "lame"?!?
Throughout the internet there are thousand of ideas illustrating a better suit than the one in MoS WHILE taking the trunks away AND keeping a red part, a red something. Superman's trunks are only a problem when yousee themas a problem. I just thought it was part of the suit, I don't need explanation, I don't need upgrade on the suit. Upgrade the character maybe but the suit? The ****ing suit?????
You'll notice that Batman is the champion of stealth, better than the US marines (!!) while having a cape of 3 meters long.... If I lower my suspension of disbelief to the level of Trunks non-acceptance, I can't accept the batcape.

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