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Default Re: Oh Jesus, here comes an Andrea thread...

Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
Just curious, but does anyone think Andrea and Michonne had a little something going on when they were out there alone together? It almost seemed like there was something between them other than typical apocalypse camaraderie.
I've noticed that from the jump. They were stranded together for eight months. And for a tough character it was weird seeing Michonne so caring to Andrea in the season premiere. Haven't seen that side of Michonne since that ep. She was very loyal to Andrea. To the point when Andrea begged her to stay a day or two longer at Woodbury. She agreed to despite her hatred and suspicions of the place. I know I'm looking too much into it, but I always got that impression that they were more than just friends who had eachothers backs. Tbh, I was surprised she put up with Andrea for so long. After the season 2 finale I didn't think they would be that close as they were at the beginning of season 3.

Also I don't hate Andrea. Never did. She has done questionable things like side with Shane and seem to dislike not to mention question Rick's leadership. The main problem I have with her this season was with how she flirted with the Gov. It's not very professional or respectful. It's like a stranger, who happens to be the house guest, flirting with the head of the house. When the guest is suppose to be there till he/she get's back on their feet. Come on Andrea hardly knows the guy and she already wants to get in his pants after spending one night there.

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