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Default Re: Let's Watch Spider-Man 3 Again and Find Positive Things To Say About It

What i like so far in the third movie, it's the final battle in which all, and i mean all of the major characters are in the same place to face the danger...Jameson who have to take photos himself (smart that kid, right? really funny), Peter going to save MJ with the american flag at his back (EPIC)...and when all seems to be black, here comes Harry to save Peter.
Man, if i watch the moments when they fight together, i get the chills! One of the best fights of all time, are you with me?
And finally, the really touching death of Harry Osborn, "always the best friend"...simply heart-touching how Tobey and James Franco played that part!
It's one of the movie-parts that make me cry so far.

Only a negative thing: The end of the movie is so sad and poor...they were sure to do a 4 chapter, okay...but right now, watching that movie ending doesn't give any emotion. That's all i have to say bye!

Tobey Maguire reacts to the new Amazing Spider-Man movie: xDxDxD

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