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Default Re: Wolverine Will Be in Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Not so much compared to many other franchises and standalone movies. So he doesnt sell as much as some fans seem to think.

I could post a list of countries who supported FC much more than Wolverine.

International market isnt about two or three countries, so if all those countries together supported FC with better numbers than XO Wolverine, the 'Wolverine sells" doesnt make sense anymore.
Wolverine owns the X Men on film,tv and comics. He will continue to do so. Theres nothing to prove otherwise.

Despite all the crap XMOW got and being available to watch online before the films release, it still made more $ . FC only beat it by like 14 mil internationally. The films are actually too close in WW numbers to really say one made alot more money.

If this next Wolverine film makes less then FC then that may lead to you being right as far as the films, but if anything I would assume that even with a horrible film and being leaked online A Wolverine film still made alot of money. It had everything going against it pretty bad, but people still went and paid. That shows alot of popularity and box office power imo.

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