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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 9

Thinking about it more indeptly, give this a thought:

What is a stronger, more effective piece of advertising? Something with mass appeal, with little to it, little thought required? Eye catching and appealing, ala Spider-man posters. Or, something which is not quite as easy on the eyes, but inspires a tad bit of thought within the viewer?

One make more, but weaker, connections, while the other makes less, but stronger, connections. One penetrates far deeper into ones psyche than the other.

Remember these images

Hardly special at all on their own, but all quite popular once their origins were understood. I think the idea is make people think, and want to learn more, as opposed to just "looking cool" and nothing. I think the simpler, more thought provoking images are much stronger pieces of marketing with todays blockbusters than in the past years because the connection is much stronger. They'll remember the uniqueness of this image. There is plenty of time to look exciting, but these types of things can accomplish a great deal; they plant deeply imbedded seeds which more standard marketing pieces will not. For example, compare the styles with

See the difference? Man of Steel, more than any other superhero, will need to stand out & appear different. What thoughts would a poster of superman simply flying in a cool pose create that do not already exist in the minds of every viewer? Or needs are there that a 2 second clip of him flying wont fulfill? Someone here has the shot from the teaser of Supes flying as their sig, is that generating mass hype? No. Everybody knows he is going to fly in the movie.

I really think this is the right way for them to go. It's different and quite bold. Whether or not it looks overly well done is a different discussion.

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