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Default Re: Ultimate Spider-Man animated series discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Dave McFly View Post
Been watching it on Netflix streaming, I really like it it has some (okay a LOT) goofy moments but all in all I really like it, not since the 90s Fox cartoon have I really enjoyed a Spider Man 'toon. Oh and some of the cast in is great Chi McBride as Fury is good, gotta love Stan Lee as the Janitor .
Hey, thanks for the heads up on the season 1 on Netflix! I just watched a few today, and it's not too bad. Hell, it's Spidey, I'm a Spidey-aholic, and I'd rather have this cartoon than no Spidey toon at all. The stories are not bad, a bit too much breaking the fourth wall, and anime drawing, but I'm getting use to it. At least now I'll be able to watch them all, since I never did catch many of them on TV (or the dvr)

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