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Default Re: Ant-Man Casting Thread

Also I don't think I really want a Pym/Lang story line for this movie, idk what route they're planning on going with the movie, and I know the only hint we've had was like 6 years ago where it was set in the 60's or 80's with both characters, but I'm guessing there's like a .001% chance that's still the case. I mean that idea was thrown around before this whole Avengers phase came into full lighting, so I feel like that story would have to be altered.

I did like the Pym/Lang "To Steal and Ant-Man" story they did on A:EMH so I wouldn't mind seeing that, where both characters are around the same age, Lang works at the lab where Pym is, steals his stuff, Pym tracks him down, and they ultimately have to take down the big baddie together. I'd be cool with that as long as it shows Hank/Janet are the main guys and Lang is more of an obstacle who goes away at the end of the movie. I really really really don't want some type of 80's set piece translating into the present.


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