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Default Re: A theory about an alternate TDKR with the Joker

Originally Posted by ChocheTheHero View Post
That's awesome. A couple months ago, I had a theory about if Joker were in TDKR had Heath lived:

Originally Posted by Drizzle View Post
Here's my idea if the Joker were to be a part of TDKR:

Go by the canon in the TDKR novel, where Joker is the only inmate still locked up in Arkham, for a number of reasons. However, a bunch of his goons are locked up in Blackgate. When Bane releases the prisoners, a bunch of Joker's men overtake Arkham and release him. The Joker and his thugs pretty much set up shop in the Narrows as their turf. Bane ignores them, as he doesn't consider Joker to be much of a threat to them since he's planning on destroying Gotham anyway. Joker amasses an army of thugs and on the last day before the bomb goes off, they march on city hall and go up against Bane's army and the cops. Joker is nowhere to be found. After Talia reveals herself and Bane is about to shoot Batman, Joker shows up and blasts Bane with a shotgun (instead of having Catwoman blast him with the Batpod). Bane is still alive, but barely. Instead, Joker plays with him, taking off his mask and asking him "How did you get those scars?" Bane dies. Joker turns to Batman and says, "I couldn't let him kill you! We're destined to do this forever, remember?" Fed up with everything, Batman just knocks him out and ties him up with the rope that Bane had, leaving him for the cops. Catwoman then shows up on the Batpod and everything happens as it did.

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