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Default Re: Jamie Foxx IS Electro - Part 1

How is Electro boring? lol

I mean yeah there is a part of me we might get another Sandman, but he could have the potential to be the best villain ever next to Doc Ock if written correctly.

Lizard's origin was scatty and a lot of scenes shouldn't have been left on the cutting room floor; Sandman was underdeveloped. Green Goblin was good, but the suit could've been better.

If done and written right and if Foxx can really bring his A-game, the character could be a massive success. The reboot won a lot of fans, but also divided others (critics). Now, that Spidey's origin has been told, Webb can focus more on Pete's relationships, what drives him as a character, the villains, the bigger picture, his pursuit of his Uncle's killer, etc. and one way to really bring audiences and critics back is, in my opinion, make Electro sort of like what Aaron Eckhart's Two-Face was in "THE DARK KNIGHT." Norman Osborn/Green Goblin is Joker and uses a likable guy like Max Dillon as a pawn in his grander scheme. When the accident happens, he reaches out to him in order to get rid of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, maybe Pete is present during the accident, and as Spider-Man he could've saved him, but didn't, and Green Goblin twists Max's mind to blame Pete for his transformation. This would allow him to get closer to the one's Pete loves and by the end of the movie Gwen would die.

Just an idea.

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