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Default Re: A theory about an alternate TDKR with the Joker

It's without doubt the film three we all thought we were going to get based off what Goyer said in 2005 was the third act of film two, and I think that decision still stands as the correct one whether Ledger had lived or not. I know some feel short changed with the amount of Two-Face that we got but as far as I'm concerned it's the quality and not the quantity that matters, and ultimately from a story arc perspective it didn't really make sense for the rise and fall of Harvey Dent to span two movies.

What is interesting though is had that original plan come to fruition with Two-Face being the villain in a hypothetical film 3 whether the ending of the film would have remained the same. I read recently that Nolan and Goyer knew what the final scene of the entire story would be way back when they first started the project, which indicates that the plan all along was, depending on circumstances going their way, that Bruce was always set up to finish being Batman by story's end. In retrospect as much as I have problems with Rises I actually think the concept of the film works much better than a film three with Two-Face being the villain. I cannot see Dent being the adversary powerful enough to set in motion Batman's retirement.

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