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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - Part 18

Theres a guy over at comicbookresources with contacts within WB and he had some interesting rumours about MOS and Justice league.

Apparently Darkseid was always WBs number 1 choice for JL villain but they are(or were) hesistant to use him to avoid Thanos comparisons.So Wb was heavily considering a second choice-Braniac.

Apparently Braniac is the unnamed force that destroys Krypton in Man Of Steel, thus setting him up to return full throttle in the sequel. But since Marvel used Thanos before WB got to use Darkseid (which was the original plan), they were considering moving Brainiac over to Justice League--thus blocking Ultron (ala Thanos blocking Darkseid).

Which would mean Goyer and Nolan would have had to change their plans for their Superman sequel (hence the trepidation about doing it).

If this rumours are to be believed then it means WB decided to stick with the original plan with Darkseid.which means MOS gets to keep Braniac.

Personally I think Darkseid is a big mistake for the JL movie but if it really means we get an MOS franchise untampererd with it as Nolan and Goyer envisioned.....well Jl can have Darkseid

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