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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Had the film took place just a year or two after TDK, then yeah, I would have excepted some mention of the Joker. But considering it was 8 years, the only previous character who really demanded mentioning was Dent, because of the whole lie.

I'm still surprised at how many people still cry a foul for Joker not being mentioned.
And they cry foul even when told that it was Nolan's decision to not even mention the name of Joker or give any reference to him because of Ledger's death, which, imo, should be very understandable.

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Lack of a Gotham POV is more of an issue than the Joker not being mentioned.
While it is very arguable that there isn't a Gotham POV, I feel that we had enough(which still wasn't really enough) that was necessary while trying to focus more on Bruce Wayne and tying up his story which is the main reason why Nolan even returned for a third film, to finish up Bruce's arc. We had some viewpoints from the main characters, the minor characters and even some others such as regular patrol officers, the priest and that one orphan. We had, imo, little reception of Batman's return and that, I feel, was fine. But when it comes to Dent's reveal? That's where I felt Gotham's POV was lacking the most.

Originally Posted by MagnarTheGreat View Post
Foley isn't called Deputy Commissioner in the dialogue in the film, but it's pretty obvious he's the next highest ranking official to Gordon from his role in the movie.
He isn't called Deputy Commissioner at all? Even if Foley is in a high-ranking position, if the title 'Deputy Commissioner' isn't even used than that's one complaint I don't have anymore as I never understood why that position is even given. I can just view Foley as a detective working under Gordon as we saw with Stephens, Ramirez and Wuertz in TDK.

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