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Default Re: Darkseid is the Villain in Justice League

Originally Posted by Edguy View Post
The death of Tony Stark could, if they have the balls, be played as a pretty damn impact-full event!
I wasn't thinking death per se, I was thinking just Tony leaving the whole superhero thing behind. From what it looks like, Iron Man 3 could be the ticket to that. Even if it won't be a "serious" movie, it will undoubtedly have an effect on the character from what happened in Avengers and IM3.

Maybe he will shrink into a behind the scenes type role. Use his new Extremis abilities off of the battlefield to gain advantages through technology but not as Iron Man. Maybe they'll even have him pat Rhodey on the back and say go for it and have War Machine take his spot on the team. I wouldn't really want that to happen but I could see it.

But heck, this isn't the Avengers forum :P Back on topic, I still stand behind my original idea of following the cartoon's Darkseid involvement. Set it up with the Apokolips vs. Brainiac story moving to Lex meshing with Brainiac and Lex losing Brainiac. Then the obsession driving him to bring Brainiac back in a drastic way that accidentally summons Darkseid back from his defeat and stronger than ever leading him to attack Earth forcing the heroes and villains to unite to prevent the world from literally going to crap. The ending of JLU's Destroyer was hands down the best finale I've ever seen out of a cartoon let alone a superhero one.

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