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Default Re: OFFICIAL Rate & Review the Amazing Spider-Man! - Part 1

Originally Posted by moviedoors View Post
Because the scene was so overwhelming contrived and stupid. That scene could not have worked less well for me.

And it's clear in that movie. I'm not a huge fan of that one, but I at least knew who Norman Osborne was and what he wanted from moment to moment. I was confused by the Lizard because pre-Lizard, he's such a cipher. There was no character there. Nothing. Not to mention, when he's the Lizard, he's just a rote bad guy. He may as well have had a mustache to twirl. A completely dimensionless villain. The Lizard had one (1) moment I liked: when he made an on-the-fly explosive mixture in the chemistry classroom. I thought that was clever.


The more this one settles in, the more I think it was nearly as bad as Green Lantern. And I was rooting for this one.
We know who Connors was, and what he wanted. What wasn't clear?

Oh wow, I think that's going too far. Haven't heard that comparison since "Real Iron Man" gave his reaction. But to each his own. You're entitled to your opinion. So I'm guessing you liked Spider-Man 3 more than The Amazing Spider-Man?

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